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Pharmaceutical Chemical

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Medicament is substances or preparation for the prevention or treatment or diagnosis of human and livestock’s diseases. Drugs are classified as natural and synthetic drugs according to their sources. Medicine can also prevent diseases, treat diseases, reduce pain and improve health. Meanwhile it can improve the body's ability to fight disease or help diagnose diseases. The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of China's national economy. It is a combination of traditional industry and modern industry, and it contains the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry, they are an organic whole. Its main categories include: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, antibiotics, biological products, biochemical drugs, radioactive pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical business. The pharmaceutical industry plays a very important role in protecting and promoting people's health and improving the quality of life, and it is significant for family planning, disaster prevention, war preparedness and the promotion of economic development and social progress.

  • Rapid Development

    Rapid Development

    In 2000, the pharmaceutical industry completed a total output value of 233 billion 200 million yuan, its average annual growth is 17.5%, 15% higher than the target of the Ninth Five-Year Plan. The industrial added value was 57 billion 800 million yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 15.5%. The total sales volume of pharmaceutical business was 150 billion 900 million yuan, which was 70 billion 500 million yuan higher than that of 1995, with an average annual growth of 13.4%. The total import and export of pharmaceutical commodities reached US $6 billion 400 million, of which $3 billion 800 million was exported, an increase of 800 million US dollars compared with 1995, with an average annual growth of 4.8%, and the export-oriented economy of medicine was gradually formed. The total profit and tax of the pharmaceutical industry was 27 billion yuan, an increase of 15 billion 500 million yuan over 1995, with an average annual growth of 18.6% and a profit of 14 billion 380 million yuan, an increase of 9 billion 430 million yuan over 1995, with an average annual growth of 24.5%, exceeding the target of 18% determined by the "95" plan. Pharmaceutical business profits of 760 million yuan, an increase of 400 million yuan compared with 1995, an average annual growth of 16.1%. The pharmaceutical industry has realized the situation that the benefit growth is faster than the total growth, and the mode of economic growth has begun to change. In 2009, third terminal’s sales have reached 101 billion 400 million yuan, increased by 26.7% on year-on-year basis. In August 2010, the total revenue and profit of the pharmaceutical industry increased by 25.69% and 34.71% respectively on year-on-year basis.
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