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The corporate governance structure is the core of modern enterprise system. By fulfilling the functions and responsibilities of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the managers, the company has formed a corporate governance structure with various functions running coordinately and counterbalancing each other effectively; through establishing and perfecting the company system, the company has restrained and standardized the behavior of the employees.

The corporate governance structure, composed of the shareholders, the board of directors, board of supervisors and executive body (managers), establishes the power, responsibility and interest relations among owners, corporate legal person and operators, draws and completes more than 300 management systems during the continuous development and achieves that in each business activity and work link, the employees have corresponding code of conduct to follow, that the duties, obligations, rewards and punishments of each position are clearly defined and the implementation of the system is tied to reward and promotion.

The board of directors which fully discuss and introduce democratic decision-making on major issues in business, the executive body consisted of shareholders to ensure the interests of investors, and the board of directors where supervisors participate in to audit and supervise all the decisions made by board of supervisors and the business activities by managers, compose the corporate governance structure with different functions which run coordinately and counterbalances effectively. Moreover, all rules and regulations are continuously improved and completed.

The adverse impact on the enterprise caused by decision-making errors of top executives can be avoided through guaranteeing investors (shareholders)’investment reward, emphasizing on relations coordination among various interest groups of enterprise and taking incentive measures toward executive managers and employees and exercising restraints upon top executives.

The management innovation and stimulation is the trump for the enterprise’s longevity. In modern competition, the core competitiveness of enterprise is organizational structure, enterprise culture and values rather than capital and resources.  The company must exert stimulation to get upper hand.

The work of no innovation is ineffective work and the cadres of no innovative spirit are not excellent cadres. The company has formulated the actual award measure for management innovation and taken “ego transcendence, innovation and optimization” as the core value of the company.

With economic efficiency improvement as the center and work efficiency improvement as the goal, the company has carryout out institutional reform and personnel reduction based on main value chain reengineering and established “be stronger, be first-class enterprise” as the common vision of the company. 

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