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Speech from Board Chairman

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Hello, dear friend!

        Welcome to the website of LBT Group. On behalf the whole staff of LBT Group, we thank you for your attention and support.

       LBT Group is a company equipped with the advantage of full industry chain resources of EPFC. With development over 10 years, the company has accumulated rich experience in the fields of petrochemical, oil and gas, power, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, and municipal engineering etc. The company's main business scope includes project general contracting, project management, engineering design, engineering construction, engineering consulting, industrial module manufacturing, non-standard equipment manufacturing, building materials trade, factory inspection and maintenance and process package sales, etc.

        The company grows from a traditional enterprise into a modern enterprise with international influence. The rapid development of LBT Group results from the wisdom and efforts of the whole staff, the great kindness and trust from domestic and foreign partners as well as our customers. It is our duty to return our investors, customers and employees.

        LBT Group is a young and mature, stable and dynamic enterprise. LBT Group will be full of confidence to confront all kinds of challenges and competition, take precautions and apply flexible business strategies. On the basis of strengthening risk management and sound operation, LBT Group continues to optimize the business and customer structure, assess the situation, seize the opportunity, implement targeted placement, and improve the assets, production quality and profitability of the company. In review of the past hard work, past ordinary but passionate scenes come into mind again when LBT Group has experienced through all kinds of difficulties and tests, and meanwhile actively carried out explorations. At present, full of confidence, LBT Group’s employees still keep hard-working and innovative spirit and strive to make new achievements in the future.

        Like a window and a bridge, the website is also like a platform. We hope that through this window, you will see the image of LBT--its every effort, its concern and contributions toward society. Based on this website platform, supports from all levels of government and society sectors are centralized and the wisdom of the industry and the full efforts of LBT are also reflected in the website where we expect to share results and strive for common development.

      In the future, whether China or the world, will be accompanied by technological revolution, industrial integration and global competition, and enter a new period of development. The development of LBT Group will also face greater challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we will continue to follow the trend, seize the opportunity, transform ideas and carry out innovation. Besides, we will strictly demand the quality of products and services as ever. With all the employees together, we will create a new and brilliant development of LBT and continue to increase the brand value of LBT. 

       Thanks again for your attention and support.


Group Chairman   Shen Binqing

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